School Rules

For a smooth and disciplined running of the institute, there are some rules that are mandatory for the students. Even some rules are for teachers as well as the code of conduct. Some of them are as follows-

  • Every student will come in proper uniform and ID card every day.
  • The student school diaries should be maintained on regular basis about the home work. The parent cross- checks the work done at home with the help of it and remarks at end about his/her self-study at home.
  • As the students get free books from the library so they have to keep them covered, neat, and clean. Otherwise they are penalized for any deformation of these books.
  • The head boys and the head girls assist the teachers for maintaining the momentum of the academics.
  • The students can come out of the class for drinking water and using washrooms during two short breaks only.
  • They are to get their home work notes checked on scheduled time.
  • Every student is to join at least one co-curricular activity so that they can groom themselves accordingly.
  • For unethical practices at the school, such students can be rusticated from school.
  • No leave is allowed without prior permission from the Principal Office.
  • If any person comes to school to meet the student, he/she has to first justify his/her identity and relationship with the student.
  • The teachers regularly attend the morning assembly maintaining the discipline there.
  • Cell phones are not allowed in the classrooms and exam halls.
  • They have to first plan their daily diary and get it verified by the head of the institute.
  • The teachers should complete the syllabus within time. They are to conduct timely diagnostic assessment and remedial feedback thereafter.

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